Fear No Snow with an Apache

Winter brings snow. While most folks will try to stay indoors and wait it out until spring time, sometimes an outdoor enthusiast just has to find a way. Deep snowdrifts…

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The Best Lawn Mower Tug of War Yet

This is a real thing of beauty. Two lawn tractors, a guy, his gorgeous wife, and a tug of war battle. Well almost. This features a Murray lawn tractor and…

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The Worst Way To Install A Concrete Pipe

This shows three guys trying to install a concrete drainage pipe reminds me of those types of engineering feats we would all attempt as 12-year-olds in our tree forts. The…

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Watch NFL Coach Jon Gruden Get The Hooters Girls in Shape!

So it seems like the Hooters girls are prepping themselves for the upcoming football season, and who better to get them in shape for it than Jon Gruden. You remember…

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