The Worst Way To Install A Concrete Pipe

This shows three guys trying to install a concrete drainage pipe reminds me of those types of engineering feats we would all attempt as 12-year-olds in our tree forts. The finished product might be lacking at times, but the idea was always solid. As a matter of fact, a group of 12 year olds could have probably worked this problem out a lot better. Take a look at this and you will see what I mean.

These three guys could not have attempted to install that concrete drainage section any more incorrectly if they chose to. The good news is, this is the sort of stuff that makes you famous. The bad news is, this is not the sort of stuff you want to be famous for.

 Sure, the proper way to install this would have been with the aid of a crane and a leveling concrete pipe lifter (CPL).

That would certainly make for an easy and error free install. I guess the only problem with that equation is the price tag. A good leveling concrete pipe lifter weighs in at about $4800 or so. Then there are those pesky things to add to it like a hoist and crane of some sort. Those can run you a few hundred thousand dollars, or several hundred dollars a day if you want to rent them.


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However, it looks like these guys certainly could have used one. It sure would have made their job more efficient. The reason for this has to do with how the concrete pipe lifter