The Best Lawn Mower Tug of War Yet

This is a real thing of beauty. Two lawn tractors, a guy, his gorgeous wife, and a tug of war battle. Well almost. This features a Murray lawn tractor and a Sears Diesel lawn tractor that have both been modified for off road competition. What that means is essentially the blades and blade carriage have been removed, while a nice wheelie bar has been added for stability and balance.

I’m sure there are other mods that lawn tractors endure before becoming competition worthy machines, but these appear to be rudimentary modifications at best. The idea is to show off the might and power of the lawn tractors “in the raw.” Well, they do not disappoint in that regard. At least one of them doesn’t. The Sears diesel pulls the Murray around the yard like it is a common slinky. It never stood a chance!

He even skated sideways a time or two and had to look back to make sure she was not going to pull him onto his side. Did the guy know that, perhaps? Maybe so. Maybe that is why he issued the countdown himself. If this were a street race, he might have had the upper hand. But this is not a street race. In fact, this is not a race at all. (more…)

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This is a tug of war, so countdowns don’t matter. Horsepower does. The Sears diesel seems to have enough to do the job, too. Though we are not looking at a souped up Mustang wit