How Not To Unload a New Ford Raptor

Driving down the highway, ever pass a trailer full of brand new cars and trucks?  While scenes from the Fast and the Furious may flicker through your mind – there’s some very real logistic difficulties to getting these brand new vehicles to the dealership.  Heck, sometimes it’s difficult to just get them on the darn trailer! You can find a great example of that below.

You’ll see just how not to unload a new Ford Raptor. Truth.  If it’s not hard enough to get the vehicles to the dealership in one piece, there’s plenty of hazard in offloading and loading! These transport systems were designed to get newer model cars to and from various dealerships and suppliers with minimal chance of damage.  Each vehicle is insured against damages – but often times that doesn’t stop the stress levels from hitting an all time high when things go wrong.

Insurance only covers just so many things. Events like catastrophic explosions mean that any mishap becomes very costly – very quickly. And dealers can get especially nervous because the vehicle is technically theirs once it hits the ground. So, when offloading vehicles dealership owners can get stressed out very quickly. To make matters worse, the Ford Raptor is a very powerful truck.  (more…)

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With power ratings of 365 horsepower @ 5,000 rpm and 420 lb./ft. of torque @ 2,500 rpm – this beast is an extremely powerful and efficient vehicle. But that comes with it’s