Amphibious Truck Goes For a Swim

What guy hasn’t dreamed of getting in his truck and being able to conquer any type of terrain? By terrain, I don’t just mean the ground either. Sure, there’s a certain rest you get when you climb over rocks in a lifted jeep, or blast through mud holes in a bog at breakneck speed. However, what if you could navigate through water?

And by navigate I don’t mean by taking one of those silly looking amphibious vehicles out for spin. No, those things just looked like boats with wheels. I’m talking about a genuine truck. A truck that you can drive off of the shoreline and into the water with ease. Something maybe like the truck featured below. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Those big black, knobby tires are pretty boss! They roll right off of the boat ramp with ease into the uneven terrain of the ocean floor. Granted, it is a sandy bay so obstacles should be few and far between, but you can still tell there are a couple of big rocks and small boulders that he powers over with ease like a true military machine. (more…)

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Keep in mind, this truck is not designed to venture out into deep water, but it is certainly able to navigate flooded streets or shallow ponds with ease. Also, sandy, shallow bay