World’s Largest Dump Truck Flattens Land Cruiser

Chances are you will never need a Caterpillar 797 dump truck for any of your projects. Clearing land and hauling off a load full of dirt and debris can be left to your garden-variety type dump trucks. For real muscle that is almost other worldly, look at the Cat 797. It is an absolute monster.
Just check out this Cat 797 crushing a Land Cruiser at the bottom of this post.

“How big is it?”, you might ask. Well try on these pants for size and see if you are still up for taking it on a joy ride. It stands just under 24 feet tall. This is it’s resting height with the dump body in the down position. It’s full height tops out at just under 50 feet when the dumb body is lifted. Most one-story buildings are nowhere near that tall! If your home is one story than this beast is twice it’s height.

That should give you some perspective for sure. As for length, the Cat 797 is a little more than 47 feet long. It is longer than most swimming pools at 30 feet wide. The real question though, is “What are they feeding that thing?”, because it weighs a whopping 560,000 pounds. That is with no cargo. Throw in a load of mining ore and you easily top 1,200,000 pounds. (more…)

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What does that mean? Well in its simplest form it means stay out of the way. Anything that it comes across will be absolutely flattened. Look at this again. The dump truck does no