Unreal Land To Water SUV Makes Passengers Happy

What if you could combine boating with driving and a bit of off-road SUV flair? Well, this would be the perfect vehicle for you. Is it a Jeep Wrangler or boat? It’s both. This specialty SUV was build for off-roading on land and swimming at sea. You’ll have to agree it’s pretty diverse, right? Who wouldn’t like the option to go drive straight into any body of water they see and then just keep going?

It can go careening up sand dunes, drive on highways, and take off as your own private personal watercraft. The only difference in this situation is you don’t have to drive down a loading ramp and put your boat in the water. Nope, all you have to do is drive down the ramp into the water, or off the shore into the water, or any place there is a slight decline towards the surface of the water.

Evidently, it is quite a girl magnet, too. There are several short clips of ladies enjoying the watercraft with their gentlemen friends. Of all my favorite appearances, though, I have to say the brunette fishing off the back of the vehicle is my favorite. She seems to be enjoying herself and the day. Who can blame her?

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So what is this exactly, and who are the people behind this brainchild of a vehicle? It is an amphibious vehicle made by the folks at Water Car. All manufacturing and produc