Pro Golfer Jack Nicklaus Nails an Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt

What you’ll see at the bottom of this post might be the best display of badassery of the year. Jack Nicklaus totally owning Johnny Miller with an insane 102 foot putt. This was shot on Harbor Shores, which is the site of the Senior PGA championship. This was one of the exhibition open rounds and the guys were having a good time. Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer were also present and you can tell they all got a kick out of that incredibly long putt.

Now whether or not he actually meant to make that putt nobody can be sure, but his braggadocious style and swagger as he walks away certainly made it look like it could have been pulled off with ease. However, if you are a golfer you know that this is anything but the case. Putting can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the game.

Consider the fact that 60-65% of your strokes will take place 100 yards from the pin. Then 43% of that number of strokes will occur while putting. Many players die on the putting green every Saturday.

That is life when dealing with your short game. Most often, players tend to focus on their long drives because they feel most like a man, crushing the ball off the tee, then sending it soaring 250 yards down the fairway. (more…)

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However, the reality is that the real skill enters once you approach the green. Any caveman can learn to swing a club hard enough to propel an object several hundred feet. I mean