Ride Along an Insane Motorcycle Race Through The Streets

Typically, when you think of a dirt bike race, you conjure up images of a circular dirt track with camel humps and large ramps that send motocross riders soaring towards the sky. The audience goes home covered in a light red dust from all of the dirt that gets kicked up into the air. However, that is not the case here. It is a fast paced, grueling ride over steps and through narrow city streets filled with onlookers.

It takes guts and nerve to race in this one!

 This is a race sponsored by Redbull, and if this does not give you wings I am not sure what will! The race is called the Extreme de Larges and takes place in Europe. It is one of the most challenging Enduro races on the planet. This head-to-head time trial featuring Ben Hemingway and Andreas Lettenbichler. You get the race from Ben’s point of view and it is nothing short of spectacular.

The beginning of the race starts off with the two motorcyclists riding side-by-side. After a series of logs and other obstacles, they come to a turn where the path narrows and is only wide enough for one racer to squeeze through. At that point, Ben falls into second place and remains there for the duration. However, the chase is simply amazing. (more…)

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These bikes go careening up steps most of the time, only inches from the crowd and hand rails. One small pop against the side of the wall and they could end up scrubbing themselve