You Have to See What This Guy Catches With His Ice Fishing Rig!

Once you see this, you will understand one thing. You have been fishing all wrong! Maybe ice fishing is not your thing. For me, I much prefer surfing a lake that is as smooth as glass in my bass boat. Either that, or deep-sea fishing. Or fishing from the bank. Okay, I guess I like just about any kind of fishing.

Give me a rod and reel, and I am a happy guy. However, seeing this fellow pull up on a snowmobile and fish around for a few minutes in this icy hole has made me question a few things. Things like my fishing method in particular. I’m thinking of packing my bags and moving to Minnesota, or taking a trip to Siberia once a year. I mention the latter because the language spoken here is obviously Russian.

However, some things translate universally. Pulling up a massive fish through an icy hole is one of them.

Look at the Size of This Fish!

Yep, you heard me right. This guy pulls a fish out of that hole that is almost as long as he is. In case you aren’t familiar with his catch, I will give you a hint. (more…)

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It looks, acts and sounds like a pike. Therefore, I would say it’s a pike. And what a massive pike it is! This fish is the stuff of fishing lore. It would grace the cover of any