This Machine Transport Fail Is Cringe-Worthy

This incident is hard to take in, especially if you work in construction. There are always big machines present, work hazards, and every now and then the need to move one massive piece of machinery from point A to point B. When those times are necessary, you do like these fellows here… take all necessary precautions, and move real slow. That sounds like such an easy plan, doesn’t it?

Two simple points to follow. Well, if not for the downhill grade, it would be quite simple indeed my friend. However, as with most things involving massive amounts of weight and gravity, gravity usually wins. No matter what this guy in the lead truck does, he is not going to stop the inertia of something weighing several tons more on a downhill slope. 

But it is the ending that gets you, am I right?

There’s something about seeing that massive machine slide off of that flatbed that just knots up your gut. This is the type of thing that OSHA compliance regulators dream of. It’s the stuff of construction foreman nightmares. Because sometimes the truth of the matter is this, no matter how careful and slow you go, bad things are bound to happen.

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Yet, all is not lost. In fact, this mishap really isn’t as bad as it seems. Sure, a massive piece of machinery, which looks to be something like the base piece of a crane, has i