The Easiest Way To Unload Four Dump Trucks

Few things in life leave you speechless. This incident with four dump trucks on a barge is one of those few things. We can’t help but let the jokes roll in. I can hear them now… Four dump trucks walk onto a barge, or How do you dump a dump truck? Get creative, I’m sure there are several more one-liners to be gleaned from this.

I’m sure whoever owns these dump trucks is not laughing, though. Considering the fact that used dump trucks start off at somewhere around a hundred thousand dollars, you’re looking at almost a half a million bucks floating on that little flat barge. One more dump truck, and you would be their fair and square. That only makes this much harder to stomach.

For one, it hits the ego. This generates the kind of ego hit that you get when you are arguing down your buddy over who won the 78 World Series, and found out you are wrong. You swear the Dodgers won it, but a quick stat check proves you wrong. The Yankees won that series, while the Dodgers would not win until 1981.

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So as that relates to what we have here, you would be the guy who told your buddies that it was perfectly fine to drive their dump trucks onto that little flat barge. You told the