Now For Some Epic Diving and Spearfishing

These guys look like they are having a blast. And by having a blast, I mean spearfishing with their Cressi Comanche like spear guns, not hanging out with the lovely lady who is featured at the beginning gliding underwater through the ocean. These Aussies are having so much fun, it kind of makes you want to dive in yourself and try your hand.

Yet before you do that you might want to consider a few things first. For starters, it can be quite an expensive sport. If you are a spear fishing veteran, you know what I mean. There is the wetsuit, which at its low end base price can cost you about $100. Then the spear gun itself can range anywhere from $130, for the Cressi Comanche model I mentioned earlier, to $500 or more for something like the Mares Cyrano EVO HF spear gun.

Then there is all that scuba gear, right? I mean you have the flippers, mask, and tank to contend with. Wait, you don’t have a tank to contend with at all, because you don’t use one when you Spearfish. These guys are free diving, which means they are holding their breath while traveling to the sandy bottom of the ocean floor in search of some fins to serve up as food. The really impressive thing about this is that they can maintain the amount of focus and control needed to aim, shoot, and hit their target… all while holding their breath. (more…)

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