Excavator Tractors Dancing is a Must-See

America has a number of unique traditions like baseball, infusing just about everything with pumpkin spice, and eating turkey every November. Included among these traditions is the practice of dancing using tractors. Many people who have been to state and county fairs or other gatherings in the heartland of the United States have beheld this incredibly unique practice, which is something that has captivated and thrilled audiences for some time.

According to Modern Farmer, the first time tractors engaged in a dance was back in 1953. International Harvester came up with a unique way to demonstrate how quickly anyone could attach different implements to the new Farmall Super-C tractor, making a dance of the practice. Members of the public were so captivated by the advertisement that they began mimicking it, eventually coming up with different ways to make their tractors dance in elaborate configurations.

The practice was fairly low-key until the late 1990s, when one of the groups captured a sponsorship from International Harvester. Other things like YouTube videos of the dances have worked to popularize it even further. There are a number of tractor dancing groups in existence, but nobody is really sure just how many. Some groups get together only once or sporadically to perform, while others are well-organized, have webpages and even rent their services out for events far away. (more…)

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According to several reports, most members of these groups are older, often in their 60s or so. People do it for a number of reasons, including to see if they can actually pull th