This C-5 Galaxy Aircraft Does Something Very Unique

This impressive video highlights some of the unique features of the C-5 Galaxy. No simple cargo hauler, the Galaxy is America’s largest transport and the second largest aircraft in military service worldwide (beaten only by the Russian Antonov An-124). With up to 135 tons of airlift capacity, the C-15 could theoretically load an entire C-17—the next largest US transport—inside and still carry enough fuel to fly from the US to Europe.

The Galaxy’s cavernous roll-on/roll-off interior can be accessed from both ends of the aircraft. With built-in extendable ramps, this giant workhorse lets cargo drive straight in or out with only a few minutes of prep time. The “kneeling” feature shown here lowers all five landing gear to standard truck-bed height, allowing the loadmaster to handle cargo immediately and without any special ground support facilities. In practical use, the C-5 can accommodate even the most oversized loads. This breathtaking ability includes payloads of: 2 Abrams 68-ton main battle tanks, 6 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 6 Apache helicopters, 10 Stryker’s or LAV-25’s, 16 HMMWVs, or 36 master pallets of supplies.

While not generally outfitted for troop transport, C-5’s do have a bonus passenger compartment above the cargo bay with seats for 75. In the early 1970’s, a C-5 derivative known as the L500 would have been able to carry 1,000 troops, or the equivalent of 10 C-130’s, but never entered full production. (more…)

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The C-5 Galaxy was first introduced back in 1969, shortly after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, where the Air Force deployed these behemoths extensively to forward logistics bases a