The Insane Hole In One That Was Worth A Million Dollars

Do you think it would be a lot of pressure if someone told you that you can win $1 million if you shot a hole in one? I’m assuming the pressure would be pretty extreme. Well, check out this amazing golf shot. Do you think you would do that well under pressure? I think the odds are against most of us. It’s hard enough for me to watch golf on television and see thousands of people crowding the fairway.

Even though they are quiet, that kind of attention can generate a fair amount of performance anxiety when you go to make a shot. I’m sure the same holds true in this situation, even though there aren’t thousands of people watching. Instead, it’s what’s at stake that generates the anxiety level… $1 million.

Now, we could spend some time unpacking this story, but I’m sure you would end up just as frustrated as me. I have seen many comments on these types of clips. Everyone thinks they are a professional, yet nobody really knows what they are talking about. For instance, in the middle of the shot you clearly hear the announcer yell out “Eagle!” (more…)

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The bigger question is one that will probably never be answered, yet it holds the most curiosity for me. That question is simple. What does a regular Joe do when he wins $1 millio