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hells angels vest

40 Rules All Hell’s Angels Must Follow

They’re the preeminent biker gang in the world, and they are a surprisingly organized bunch. The Hells Angels rules that all bikers must follow are interesting…to say the least. Did…

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This C-5 Galaxy Aircraft Does Something Very Unique

This impressive video highlights some of the unique features of the C-5 Galaxy. No simple cargo hauler, the Galaxy is America’s largest transport and the second largest aircraft in military…

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brunette 80s actresses

1980s Actresses: Then and Now

What is it about the 80s that make us wish things were that simple again… Was it the big hair, or maybe the debut of punk rock? Could’ve been the…

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baby boomers on landlines

50 Things No Longer Accepted That Boomers Think Are Cool

50 Things That Are No Longer Cool (Looking At You Boomers) Time works in mysterious ways. Things that used to be the hottest trend in the world, are simply boring…

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How Not To Unload a New Ford Raptor

Driving down the highway, ever pass a trailer full of brand new cars and trucks?  While scenes from the Fast and the Furious may flicker through your mind – there’s…

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Pro Golfer Jack Nicklaus Nails an Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt

What you’ll see at the bottom of this post might be the best display of badassery of the year. Jack Nicklaus totally owning Johnny Miller with an insane 102 foot…

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The Insane Hole In One That Was Worth A Million Dollars

Do you think it would be a lot of pressure if someone told you that you can win $1 million if you shot a hole in one? I’m assuming the…

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Fisherman Gets The Surprise Of His Life

So there you are deep sea fishing – you’ve got your Hi-Seas Mono line, Mustad hook, and you’re ready to reel in on your Avet Reel. Next thing you know…

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Excavator Tractors Dancing is a Must-See

America has a number of unique traditions like baseball, infusing just about everything with pumpkin spice, and eating turkey every November. Included among these traditions is the practice of dancing…

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The Easiest Way To Unload Four Dump Trucks

Few things in life leave you speechless. This incident with four dump trucks on a barge is one of those few things. We can’t help but let the jokes roll…

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