Ridiculous Motorhomes You’ll Love


Ridiculous RV 5

Okay, so I’m pretty sure you won’t find this rolling off the line anytime soon at your recreational vehicle assembly plant. I wonder how many Volkswagen minibuses were used to put this RV together? It seems like maybe six or seven at least. Yet true to form, it stays with miniubus tradition… its a diesel (see those exhaust stacks probably sticking up like bug antennas behind the driver’s cab?).

The real question, though, is who are you going to sell this thing to once you get tired of it? I guess you could always hit up one of those families from reality TV. You know, the ones who have 20+ children, or propagate like rabbits in heat? They seem to have no trouble with fertility. Plus, they would probably thank you for the gift. This would be the one vehicle they could fit their entire family into with no problem, and it’s cool too!

Ridiculous Motorhomes

And here we have a nifty little play on words (notice the “well go far” instead of “wells fargo”) on the side that calls back to the old stagecoach days. Trade out the driver’s biker boots and helmet for a cowboy hat and spurs; and the motorcycle steering for reins and a horse, and you could almost picture this recreational vehicle rolling through the Wild West.

Leave it as is, and well, I’m a bit conflicted. I’m not sure if I’m impressed with the modified motorhome, or feel like it should be cast in one of the new Mad Max movies. No matter the case, to say this guy is creative is a bit of an understatement. He certainly put a lot of thought and time into bringing this little pony of a vehicle to life. Plus, unlike other bikers, when it rains he can get inside his own shelter.

Ridiculous RV 1

What happens when your marriage hits the skids and your wife skips town with a boyfriend half your age? This picture, that’s what. If this motor home doesn’t scream midlife crisis, I don’t know what does. The tires are bigger than most 18 wheelers, and it looks like the frame has been reworked a bit, too. A lot of effort went into this RV, that’s for sure.

I just can’t decide if it’s because of a midlife crisis, or perhaps it is the creation of somebody who knows something we don’t. They could be preparing to go off grid permanently by the looks of it! All of that to say, if you happen to see this RV rolling through your neighborhood, make friends with this guy. He could come in handy during a fallout and will be able to identify when your wife has a mid life crisis and leaves you to drown your sorrows away!

Ridiculous RV 6

A few things about this motorhome/motorbike/camping thingy. For starters, I bet you can get really good insurance rates, since it is classified as a three wheel vehicle. Secondly, I’m sure every kid in the neighborhood is enthralled by those flames on the side, but your wife or girlfriend… not so much. Third, are those handlebars on the front, really? That’s right, look close and it appears as if there are handlebars on the front.

Where do you sit, though? Obviously inside, but how do you steer this contraption then? I’m guessing there’s a steering wheel and the handlebars are for show, which makes it a kick in the head when you’re driving down the road and make a sharp right turn (where’s the driver, ha ha!). Evidently this guy knows Jesus. In that case the handlebars makes sense. He must be the copilot. I wonder if he’s impressed by the snazzy exhaust and flames as well?

Ridiculous RV 2

If you’re not really sure whether or not this classifies as a recreational vehicle, join the club. As a guy, it definitely does. I could take this thing out for a few months into the wilderness, over to the beach, or even enemy territory if Uncle Sam deemed it necessary. By the looks of this thing it appears to be bulletproof. It’s sturdy for sure. You could run over more than a few things with this if need be. Then you could pop the window down and hold back the enemy four days in the comfort and serenity of this monster motor home.

We have the Aussies to say thanks for this. This is their version of an extreme all-terrain RV monster truck. It’s called the Action Mobile Global XRS 7200. I would say it lives up to its name. And when you’re done? Well, simply radio in the satcom for self-destruct and speed away on your Kawasaki 500 cc dirt bike. Those Mission Impossible movies would have nothing on you, except Tom Cruise who gets 20 million per film, but other than that they would have nothing on you!

Ridiculous RV 4

If this looks like some motor home of the future, it’s not. It’s just another innovative, state of the art rescue vehicle thought up by Spirit Design. This is one of their panther rescue vehicles. The recreational vehicles are designed to do everything from operate like a fire truck, remove debris like a backhoe or bulldozer, and perform other search and rescue functions. It looks impressive because it is.

Spear design is known for thinking out-of-the-box and coming up with state-of-the-art rescue vehicles crafted in true RV fashion. If this were your motor home, you wouldn’t need much else. The Panther can navigate some of the most uneven terrain, and is specifically designed to get you in and out of tricky situations. It is globally recognized as a leader in the industry, and a go-to for those who need a first class piece of equipment that looks good, and operates even better!

Ridiculous RV 7

This motorhome is what we might call an oxymoron. Take a look and immediately you think Hummer. Hammers are known for guzzling gas and big tires, which this one certainly is lacking. That’s okay, though, the lack of four wheels is overcompensated by the addition of four tank-like treads. This thing can navigate just about any terrain and is certainly made for the rough and tumble that lies beyond what a standard Hummer is built for.

It was a custom build by the team at Southern Motors in an attempt to create the ultimate camping vehicle, and it looks like the guys succeeded, surpassing expectations. So what makes it an oxymoron then? Simple. It runs on bio diesel. This is the BFG (big friendly giant) of the environmentally friendly camping world. It may look rough and harsh, but it’s only impact on the environment will be the terrain it navigates.

Ridiculous RV 8

This RV is the ultimate party bus. Looking at things like this makes you jealous of your own prom night. Back then, we had limousines with neon rope lighting as the main flair. Our main source of entertainment during the evening’s festivities was popping our head out the top of the sunroof, or rolling down the main window between the driver and ourselves to pester him. We didn’t have this. This custom-designed limo was made to resemble a Boeing 727.

It’s decked out, too. It features a dance floor, sunken living room, big-screen TV, fog machine and a full nonalcoholic bar. As for space, you can cram 49 of your best friends or family into this ultimate party machine. So what does it take to pull off a 53 foot non-flying airplane? It’s pretty simple actually. All you need is a Mercedes bus chassis. Fill in the details from that point and you eventually end up with a 727 limousine bus.

This is a 3 Wheeled RV. The RV is a home on the go, it also holds its balance.

This is a literal Log Cabin RV. Some folks are jealous of squirrels living inside trees, now they can own this RV.

The best part of owning a Jeep is being able to live in the back of it. Bring this Jeep RV to the next Jeep meet.

Ridiculous RV 12

This ridiculous motorhome is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Instead of firemen slogging away their time at the firehouse, waiting for the inevitable bell to ring so they can spring into action, why not just create a humble abode aboard your firetruck and have the best of both worlds? It seems like the best idea, right? Well, almost.

The only problem is if you look closely you will notice there are no fire hoses to speak of. And the sirens? Nada. They are absent as well. I’m no expert, but those two items are pretty necessary should a fire break out. There is a nice Mac emblem on the side, however, so at least you can look the part. But what good would that do? Its safe to say in this instance, if anything is on fire in the vicinity, don’t call these guys. They’re tucked inside playing Xbox.

Sometimes you have to get creative to live the RV life. Someone installed a roof and chimney to their vintage VW Camper.

Ridiculous RV 14

If you watch the Walking Dead, this is a recreational vehicle you would probably expect to see on set. Either that, or the new Red Dawn remake. Why? Well, it is pretty obvious, isn’t it?! This RV is anything but recreational. It looks to be much more tactical in nature. If you didn’t notice, it is subtly outfitted with a nice mortar shell gun to do maximum damage, and a bulldozer/shovel head/snowplow head at the front.

Yeah, and those are tank treads on both sides. So, whether you’re looking to have an exciting night out on the town, or take over the world, this is what we would call a primary go to vehicle. It will take you anywhere, do just about anything, and keep you well protected at the same time. By the way, if you don’t own this apocalyptic motorcoach, you should probably avoid making the owner mad.

Ridiculous RV 15

There was an old lady that lived in a shoe, until one day she upgraded to this motorhome-esque contraption. Maybe her husband died and she finally collected life insurance; who am I to say? She upgraded though. Not in a shoe anymore. Come on, you have to admit that it does look pretty sweet. Somebody did great detail work on the door and window, and the shingles look solid. Using an old produce 1950s delivery truck only serves to complement the nostalgia even more so.

The wood covering echoes the old wooden sides and bed of the delivery truck. It rounds out the piece and helps it all come together and make sense. If only we can get inside, I wonder what we would find. Maybe a state-of-the-art living space, or a minimalist paradise with crates and boxes to service tables and chairs. We may never know that, but we do know this one thing, if this RV ever gets termites, the parties over.

Ridiculous RV 16

Frank Lloyd Wright would be almost proud of this Winnebago. I’m sure the owner had good intentions at heart, but I bet the passengers would appreciate a bit more privacy while traveling. Heck, for that matter, I bet anybody sleeping in that thing at night would. I’m not game on the whole world, including mother nature herself, seeing me while I sleep.

Plus, all of that open viewing kind of puts a damper on any wife or girlfriend activities, if you know what I mean. I thought you would. You are an intelligent RV reader. No, the only thing we would be able to do is paint the exterior a different color other than that horrible tan, and perhaps manually unwind the awning so we could sit in the shade… at night… doing nothing. Grrrrr! If this one gets you frustrated, keep going. The next two will blow your mind. What the owner accomplished is just plain awesome!

Ridiculous RV 17

This one probably tops out the ridiculous category, but it also tops out the awesome category as well. I mean let’s be honest, where else can you see three buses in one. Two VW buses stacked neatly on top of a run-of-the-mill school bus, then painted silver with attention given to some stylish striping on the sides, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Unless, I was in the first grade and this was my school bus. That would be a milestone life event for sure.

For that matter, I wonder if they need a bus driver for this thing. I’ll be happy to fill in and take the RV out for a while to stretch its legs. So long as none of my passengers open the VW doors up top, we should be good to go. If you think this one is cool, though, wait to you see the next one!

Ridiculous RV 18

What did I tell you? Bam! Just like that! Here we have another one. It’s slightly modified as far as custom motorhomes-with-VW-buses-stacked-on-top-go, but you still see a few trademarks recognizable from the previous picture. The number of VW buses has been shortened to one for this amazing creation, and most notably, there is a side slider kick out which you normally expect to find on higher end luxury RVs.

To say it is clever would be an understatement. To say it’s genius would be well served. But the last motorhome accomplished with design, this one steps forward with style. Very patriotic and red white and blue, what could be finer than cruising down America’s roadways in this thing for the 4th of July! Maybe lighting up some sparklers and hanging them out the window while you set off roman candles from the VW bus up top; but other than that, nothing could be better.

Ridiculous Motorhomes

So I’m not exactly sure what this is exactly, but it is ridiculously cool as far as RVs are concerned. It looks to be outfitted with various things you might need if there were say and end of the world event. The solar panel up top will probably put out just enough juice to keep your laptop charged for 30 minutes or so, while the intriguing ladder system mounted to the top and back of the vehicle is more intriguing than anything.

However, it is definitely designed to pull a few overnight stays as evidenced by the window mounted on the side of the living space. Yes, you would have to sensually sleep in the bed of your truck or that nice overhead space above your truck, but you could probably survive there for a while if need be. Plus, the big bonus is this; your command and control central is a dooley! So whatever you need to get in and out of, you most certainly can. I would give this one a rating of A+ for the guys, and a solid C- for the ladies. It is quite clever, though.

Ridiculous RV 20

Why pull a travel RV camper when you can drive it? Also, why buy a new one, when you can invent in an instant classic!? This is the most beautiful fusion of a classic gray 1960s camper and classic 1960s car that we have ever seen. Look closer and think about this, though. As motorhomes go, typically the back is reserved for living. The driver has two seats up front and the rest of the RV is sectioned out into dining, bathing and sleeping areas. Here, we are not so sure.

Things could be much different. Obviously, they kept the original driver seat of the vehicle for this silver bullet wonder. Judging by the wheelbase, it looks like they kept the whole car frame intact too. So did they keep the back seats as well, or strip the car down to its frame? You could very well open the side door and walk into rear passenger seating. How cool would that be?

Ridiculous RV 9

There are many things we could say about this motorhome, but ridiculous certainly isn’t one of them. This thing is pure eye candy. It’s bone structure is solid. You can recognize the 1954 Chevrolet COE truck for sure. However, the trailer is a throwback to the Bowlus Road Chief RVs from the 1930s. This creation was built by Russ Moen, who wanted a truly custom motorhome. Yet the really cool part about this RV is that it didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Russ reached out to friends, including a local boat builder to fabricate the airplane inspired RV trailer, rather than an aircraft designer. He also enlisted the help of other friends and local shop mechanics. The end result is what you see here. What you can’t see are the teak and marble floors inside, as well as the cherry and birch cabinets. It’s a true beauty, and he has earned the right to show it off for sure!

Ridiculous RV 10

This ridiculous camping motorhome is a beautiful marriage of a standard semi truck and a tour bus. It’s called the Kingsley coach and has gotten more than its fair share of acclaim, both on the Internet and in the campgrounds. Rather than being known as a motorhome, it’s known as the world’s first class of Toterhome. Yet look close and you will find yourself scratching your head a bit.

If you know anything about this semi and the bus, you have to wonder where the engine is. Did they let the semi engine do all the work and keep that house upfront, or is the Kingsley coach driven by an engine in the back of the bus? We can’t say for sure, but we are impressed either way. This thing would certainly be a boss on any campground. Good luck rolling that beast in and out of there, though. That’s a lot of metal to move!

Ridiculous RV 11

Here is another recreational vehicle similar to the Kingsley coach, but look a bit closer. Yes, it’s still a ridiculous marriage between a semi and a motorhome, however this one is a real marriage between just that. The back end of the vehicle is not a tour bus. It’s an actual RV. This means we know the engine is housed upfront, and produces plenty of power to move the motorhome from point A to point B. It just makes you wonder how creations like this came to be?

I mean really, did somebody get fed up with spending time in their sleeper cab and decide to indulge themselves a bit? Maybe it’s the flipside of the coin. Rather than leave their work, they can take their work, and their family, anywhere they go. Who’s to say, we don’t know, that’s for sure. Yet this RV still tops the book as one of the most awesomely ridiculous things we have yet to see.

Ridiculous RV 13

Now, I can’t speak as to whether or not the girl pictured in the photo comes with this tricked out limousine, but I can tell you a few things about the limousine itself. For starters, you’re looking at one tricked out, Peterbilt semi, equipped with a ridiculously large double size sleeper cab. If that wasn’t enough, rather than haul, this one hauls people in style. Midnight Rider just happens to be one of the world’s heaviest limousines.

It is 70 feet long and weighs approximately 25 tons. You can find it in the tractor-trailer limousine section of the Guinness Book of World Records. Interesting things about this limo… it was fabricated 90% in house. It also features H frame stainless steel construction and over 1,400 quality welds to keep it together. The interior is modeled after an old Pullman railroad car, so expect to cruise around in 1870s style when you book this limo for the evening. It’s pretty steep, $1,000 per hour, but does include a five person crew!

Let’s call this a floater home rather than a motor home. You may laugh but this is actually brilliant.

This “motorhome” was apparently spotted at Burning Man. If this is on the road it’s going to turn some heads.

Now we’re getting pretty crazy. This give new meaning to double decker motorhome.

Ridiculous RV 21

The question here is how many different components were involved in making this, motorhome, and I use that term loosely. This looks like one of those bad creations you would make out of Legos and scrap before ever considering it as worthwhile, even at the age of four or five. However, this enterprising individual decided that they should go for it, and they did.

They made their very own customized RV… if you can qualify it is as such. They took a pick up truck, mounted a trailer camper on top, then modified a pop-up travel trailer and welded it all together (we assume they welded it at least). There could even be a 4th component in there, too, I’m not sure just yet. It’s weird, the more you stare at this, the more of an enigma it becomes. It’s absolutely fascinating. Furthermore, keep going. This trip ain’t over yet!

Ridiculous RV 22

If only Gilligan and the skipper knew what they were doing, they could have gotten the professor to build this thing and just drive across the ocean. This is the height of Tiki hut glory, and well worth any three hour tour to gain admission inside. Cleverly outfitted, that’s not wood, but metal painted to look the part. The thick bamboo pipes are molded fiberglass, while the fringe is made of plastic.

NO chance of this catching fire while it scurries down the road, but I bet this turns more than a few heads when it pulls in the RV park. and if you were a college guy, this would be your dream vehicle for the weekend. For that matter, it would be your dream vehicle period. You might not graduate with a degree, but he would certainly move up the ranks of dating rather quickly. Now excuse me, it’s time to go have a mai tai while you go on to the next one.

Ridiculous RV 23

When I figure out exactly how this one works, I’ll let you know. It seems like the owner of this motorhome couldn’t decide if they wanted a truck, limousine, RV, or boat. It also seems that if you were this bipolar doing all of them at once is an option. He has plenty of horsepower for both land and sea, that’s for sure. I never knew that to be the case, but knowing so now opens up several new horizons for me in other areas of my life.

So excuse me while I go knock on this guys boat/truck/motorhome thingy and ask him if I can ride/boat across the land with him while we talk about the finer things of life. I’m going to assume that list is fairly short, but we will talk still. Of course, that’s all we will be doing because nobody else will dare set foot inside such a monstrosity.

Ridiculous RV 24

The next time someone asks you how to bury a hearse, show them this RV as your answer. It seems like you have a mish mash of several ideas going on here, in a 1962 Buick frame of mind. At least three old Buicks were used to make this wonderful motorhome. Then, when they were all put together, the end result resembles a large metal casket for a hearse! It’s only fitting though, right?

I mean after all the years of carrying the dead around it has to take a toll on you. When it does, what do you do? If you are a person you can’t just sit there. No, the show must go wine. You reincarnate yourself as a double stacked 1962 confused Buick RV and maintain present course until you find your lot at the RV campground. Either that or until someone dies, then you have to drive away and it’s back to business as usual. Such is life, such is death.

Ridiculous RV 25

First there was Pac-Man, then Pac-Man Junior. Next there was Donkey Kong, then Donkey Kong Junior. Then there was the Kingsley coach truck limousine we ran into way back at RV #10, and now this version… The Kingsley Junior, as we like to call it anyway. If your truck fails to pass inspections for hauling freight, then I guess this is always an option. And while the truck might appear cartoonish and small, you still wouldn’t want to mess with it.

Let’s be honest, that’s a Peterbilt semi truck as evidenced by the badge on the side. This means this recreational vehicle can certainly run over you and whoever makes it mad. And I’m quite sure it would have no problem doing it whatsoever. So make all the jokes you want to about this super extended sleeper cab wonder, just make them out of ear shot and you should walk away unscathed.

Ridiculous RV 26

Another firetruck motorcoach. While this RV certainly is an improvement over the previous one we saw, it still lacks the hose and siren needed to get the job done. However, the two yellow lights are still intact as well as the front light smack in the center of the vehicle. Why you would want to do this to a fire truck, we don’t know. Maybe it’s a way to carry the other firemen around in style while in route to an active situation.

It could be a conversation piece for the local community. Yet, more likely, this RV was birthed out of love by a fireman who is truly married to his job. It doesn’t get more passionate than this guys, nor does it get more awesome. Don’t kid yourself, you would love to take that thing out for a spin and take notice of everyone noticing you and your fiery RV.

Ridiculous RV 27

This. There’s so much we can say about this. This is awesome. It’s pretty incredible. It’s an RV wonder for the record books. So you want to go camping? No problem! Simply fire up your Rolls-Royce inspired bus/camper motorhome and head off toward your wooded RV camping pad of choice. Once you are safely located on the lot, fire up the wood burning stove inside and get dinner going. Once people can identify the smell and the source, the vehicle will draw them in. And that’s how you make instant camping friends.

Who could resist? It’s one of the most beautifully spectacular designs we have seen! The cedar shake shingles on the side are the icing on the cake for the whole contraption. It creates a camping vehicle that is classy, woodsy and stylish all the same. It looks like something James Bond would take on vacation, the Sean Connery James Bond, not Daniel Craig.

Ridiculous RV 28

This is perhaps the best tiny house you have ever seen. The best part, all you have to do is find a local campground and hook up. That always seem to be the sticking spot for me when it came to tiny houses. Sure, they are much like living in an RV, only a little more dressed out. However, you have to find a place to permanently park it. With this one, you simply hook up the “flying tortoise”, as this truck is known, to the motor home pad and you are camping in style!

I have to say, I wouldn’t mind this when needed. Maybe it’s the green paint that evokes a bit of nostalgia, or the sweet drop-down porch and pop up awning. Whatever it is, this individual certainly did a fantastic job. One of the best marriages of classic truck and RV to speak of. Wait until you see the next one though. It is probably the best one of all!

Ridiculous RV 29

She said I could go to the government liquidation auction and I returned with this awesome RV, complete with a pop-up camper mounted to the top. And that’s how the fight started… as the story goes. I bet they didn’t fight long though because this is just plain awesome. Think about it. If she gets mad at him she can kick him out of the house for months at a time and he’ll be fine. He has all of the living space one could hope for, and an extra room up top in case he doesn’t feel like cleaning up for a few days, or just wants to experience college dorm life all over again. All kidding aside though, this RV concoction is pretty stinking awesome, and we have seen a lot of stinking awesome RVs on this list.

It just shows how creative we are as people, and how clever we can be with spare parts. One man’s junk might be another man’s treasure, or one man’s junk could be parts for another person’s dream RV. You never know until you try, just like the guy in number 21!

The perfect setup for those who love to fish. This is technically a camper but it’s so cool it gets a pass.

crazy motorhome

You never know when you need to take your motorhome off-roading and when you do, you’ll wish you had this mud-ready RV. Notice the mention of ‘Family’ on the side of the truck. Nothing says family like a trip into the unknown in a tricked-out camper.

Well that wraps it up. We hope you enjoyed this massive list of 30 ridiculous motorhomes. Always remember that some of the best trips happen on the road and that a good motorhome, RV or camper is an excellent way to make some memories. If you enjoyed this list please share it with your friends.