50 Funny Boat Names You’ll Love

Let us say someone bought a new boat. The thing these people have to do now is name it. No sailor will take anyone seriously without a good title for their vessel. Well, we are not here to be serious. We like to ride in boats called something clever or funny. If anyone out there is struggling with names, we got some humorous and ingenious ones that might help inspire you. We think this nautical nonsense is a good time for non-sailors too. The people reading this who are not hitting the water or don’t have sea legs, stay for laughs because we believe we have collected 50 funny boat names you’ll love. The individuals who came up with all the titles sure thought outside the box.

That’s A Fun One

This is a fun and hot start for this excellent post of creative, hilarious (and maybe even brutally ironic) boat names. Pier Pressure gets to the best of us. This level of pier pressure might actually make us want to buy a boat… maybe. The name of the ship is playing on words. “Peer” means someone’s cohort, while “Pier” is a platform that goes out from the shore into the water. Whoever came up with the joke replaced “peers” with “pier” to make the title more nautical.  


Maybe this person truly is desperate, or they just have a great sense of humor. Or, maybe their friends just got tired of them bragging about their boat, and they need some new ones. In any case, we would not pass up a boating invitation. We are not sure there would be enough room for a full-on party, but we would show the owner how to make the most of it. You will not have friends if you purchase a boat.

Where’s Unsinkable I?

Our biggest question is, where’s “Unsinkable I?” Okay, we know that odds are this name is just a funny joke. However, what if there really was an Unsinkable 1? Did it sink? Did they just upgrade to a bigger boat? We’re not sure which answer we like the best. We think we will go with the more humorous one and assume the original is at the bottom of the lake, just like where the second is heading; time to buy the “Unsinkable III”.  

Reality and Illusion

Everyone who has gone boat shopping has had a moment when confronted with reality. See, there’s always the boat you want and the boat you can afford hence the “illusion” and the “reality”. On the plus side, there is less maintenance with “reality.” People will not need a big trailer or rent a dock to take it out. They just put it in the water, plain and simple. Granted, the buyer might have to limit guests on their excursions. 

At least They’re Being Honest

Everyone has to give this owner credit for being honest with this boat name. This title describes precisely what boats mean to some people, so it’s refreshing that this person is willing to just acknowledge it like this. After hitting a certain age, we cannot blame anyone for wanting to try out something different. We see the appeal of motorcycles, cars, and sea vessels. Hopefully, everyone will have a few bucks to splurge on something awesomely ridiculous when they get a little older. We know we have something in mind.  

Absolutely Right

The owner is absolutely right with this name. Look, boats are expensive. There is the cost of fuel, the mooring costs, the maintenance costs, etc. If you do not moor your boat, you need a trailer and a truck that can pull it. There is no easy way around this subject; having a boat costs a lot of money. However, they can also be a good time if anyone is willing to put in the expense. Just do not check your bank account.

Who Named This Boat?

We have to know if the dad named this boat or the kids. We have heard of golf widows; apparently, boat orphans are similar. Hopefully, this name is at least half-joking because it seems kinda cruel otherwise. Still, it made us laugh. Also, if the father was out of the picture, it explains how he could afford such a vessel. Anyone reading this, take care of your kids, and do not go off and buy a boat, no matter how enticing and rewarding it might seem.

Funny, And True

The name of this boat is funny and true. We promise we will be very selective about the puns that appear on this page. We could not resist including this one. Yeah, it is a bad (and lazy) pun, but the rest of the name is excellent and very accurate. Boats can be expensive and a wallet drainer. However, the best part is if the owner passes other boat buyers, they may garner a couple of laughs because people who have boats can relate to the description.

Lazy? Maybe, But We Love It Anyway

Is this a lazy name? Maybe, but we love it anyway. Perhaps this person just gave up or did not want to overthink things. But they did it with style and quite possibly for the second time. And really, once you have named one boat “Whatever,” you really have to keep the title going in all your future ships. We see it now, the “Whatever 1000”. We could not come up with something much better, so we applaud the simplistic approach. 

Knot 2 Great, Honestly

Knot 2 Great, honestly. We think the name was a good idea. The title is a typical sailor pun using “knot” as in “current” rather than “not.” Then the boat went down. So it is actually pretty bad, all things considered; poor boat. This photo makes us want to google “how to recover a sunken vessel” just to try to help these guys out. Yikes. Although we will not lie, the irony of the boat’s name and its predicament make the image pretty funny.

The Design Is What Really Makes It

lake mode

The design is what really makes the name stand out. Just painting the words “Lake Mode” on the boat would be disappointing. Adding the extra graphics to make it look like a phone setting is what sells it. Just don’t turn “Lake Mode” off; we think that might cause the boat to sink. Also, the possibilities with the setting names are endless. There can be a “sea mode” for open ocean sailing or an “anchor mode” when the boat comes to a complete stop. 

What A Brilliant Move

pension plan

We think this is a brilliant move. Who needs an actual pension, anyway? If someone’s got a boat, they’ve got all you need. People can live on ships and use them for transportation. They do not need a car. Heck, someone can fish for their food. In the long run, we think this could save a ton of money. Or it could just be a joke, and maybe people looking for retirement investing should not put it all in a boat and speak to a financial advisor. 

Seems Like a Great Deal

half price

This seems like a great deal. We may be stretching the definition of “boat name” a bit here. It has paint on the hull where the name goes, so we’re counting it. Besides, we do not know if it is technically for sale. However, if it was, since the boat is cut in half, the ship is half the price makes a lot of sense. Good to see people understand value when they see it. However, something tells us the buyer may not want to take that on the water.


Pugboat, like a tugboat, get it? There is no amount of sadness that eight pugs on the back of a boat titled “Pugboat” cannot cure. It is science. As for the dogs in the picture, it makes us wonder if they all belong to the boat owner. If a person is spending a ton of money on a vessel, they probably have enough to afford multiple dogs. Personally, instead of buying a boat, we would always get more pugs. They are adorable.

So Gnarly

We think this boat’s name is so gnarly. This beauty out of Port Canaveral, Florida, titled “Sonar,” is the envy of the marina. We love the black styling and the thermal heat at the bottom. These graphics, along with the neon green font, really help the title “pop.” We imagine the vessel is named “sonar” because it has sonar on board. It makes us wonder what the sailors are searching for, perhaps treasure or giant fish. Either would be pretty cool.  

Purple Rain

If Prince picked out a boat, he would likely choose this one. Talk about purple rain. This fella is Plum Krazy! Or at least, that is what his vessel has to say about him. This slick-looking speed boat with twin Mercury engines is nearly as fantastic as its title. We also like the chrome texture on the font and the rounded edges. The brighter color allows the name to stick out from the background. The fish follows a similar pattern that gives the design a consistent look.


XTASEA: Like ecstasy, understand? This boat name has to be one of the most clever we have ever seen. And it is a beautiful looking vessel, to boot! We would name it that too because sailing a boat like this on a clear day would be utter bliss. On second thought, owning and maintaining something this extravagant might be costly and hard to maintain. Maybe they should rename it the “nightmare” or something else along those lines. It would be a lot more fun to be a guest. 

Error 404

Error 404, water not found. Error 404, motor too small. Error 404, the boat is in the yard, not the marina. Error 404, the neighbors don’t think this is funny. But we do! We do not want to stereotype anyone, however we guarantee the person who owns this boat works on computers. We imagine they see error codes all the time and decided to make a joke about it after several fishing failures. We can completely relate to this error code. We think our boat has the same malfunction.


Why is this boat called “Pumpkin”? We have no clue. But when you own this sick boat, it really does not matter what you call it. We like pumpkins, so we are not going to bash it, though perhaps it might make more sense if the paint job or even just the font was orange. Also, to save the time of people who might look this up, George Town does not have anything to do with pumpkins either. Frankly, we are at a loss. Maybe the owner knows someone with “pumpkin” as a nickname. That is our best guess.

Ok, Boomer

Ok, Boomer. Well, everyone knew that one was coming, and if you did not, well, ok…we are done now. This ballin’ woodgrain boat is one for the ages, straight out of Minocqua, Wisconsin. We will admit we are jealous. And just so everyone knows, it is a grown adult driving this thing. The owner seems to have embraced their generation and does not mind showing off. When someone has something so awesome in their position, we would probably do the same thing.

Reel Teaser

Sometimes those fish can be an absolute tease. But at least this guy gets some good laughs with his fishing boat even if the fish won’t bite. This is another clever pun where instead of writing “real” the title says “reel” as in a reel on a fishing line. We have had those days where the fish come up and do not bite anything. Worse is when, it is so hot outside and the bait melts off hook. It irritates us to know end.

This Might Be A Warning

This might be a warning. It also could just be a bluff, but do you really want to take that chance? After all, a guy willing to name his boat “grumpy” is probably not someone you want to spend much time with anyway. This vessel’s graphics and font are terrifying. We will certainly get out of the water if we see this passing us. We might never get in again unless we had a bigger boat. If it was not clear, we are “Jaws” fans around here.

Imagine Calling Your Boat “Who Cares”

Imagine calling your boat “Who Cares.” Yeah, it is funny, but it is also hard to imagine that there is not some honesty behind it. Maybe they just got so tired of coming up with a name that everyone liked that they just gave up, and “who cares” was born. However, it would be amusing to book a ticket or be a crew member and see the vessel’s name. If someone asked the crew where they worked, they could just say, “Who cares.” 

Don’t Jinx The Trip

no bananas

Do not jinx the trip. An old fishing superstition is that bringing bananas on the boat is bad luck, and the fish won’t bite. The superstition goes back to the 1700s. Many doomed ships from that time happened to be carrying the fruit. A possibility for this is bananas give off ethylene gas that causes other fruit to ripen and spoil faster. Also, it might be possible that fish do not like the scent. The “no banana” policy is sort of an unwritten rule among fishermen. This might be the only time we noticed the topic made explicit like this.

It’s Probably A Joke

drug money

It is probably a joke. Indeed, no one would paint this name on their boat if it was not a joke…right? That would just be too obvious. So, yes, we will assume it is a joke and laugh with them. It is, after all, a hilarious name for the boat. But then again, maybe the title is so on-the-nose to the point where the owners think everyone else will take it as a joke, but they’re actually performing unground operations. Nah. 

Do You Get It Yet?

sound it out

Do You Get It Yet? If you are alone (or around other adults and not at work), you can sound it out.  Just read the name out loud a couple of times until you get it. But seriously, do not do that if you are around kids or at work. Sometimes people have no shame or just enough to hide it behind a homonym. But hey, we are all here to have a laugh, and we approve some Grade A hidden humor. 

Might As Well Celebrate, Right?


Might as well celebrate, right? If someone is going to commemorate something huge like getting a pardon, we guess they might as well go big. Buying a boat and naming it “pardoned” seems like a good way. But do they really want everyone to know that? Well, perhaps they do. It might make more boats try to avoid them, giving them more space at the marina. Heck, it is actually perfect if someone is looking for more privacy plus keeping a funny name. 

Is This Even True?

zombies can't swim

Is this even true? Seriously, how would anyone know if zombies can swim or not? It seems pretty risky to base your entire apocalypse survival plan on conjecture like that but to each their own. However, we will say this owner seems unaware of many other zombie materials out there. For instance, the Italian cult movie “Zombi 2” (1979) has a scene of a zombie fighting a shark, and “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 5 has a scene where a character got attacked by a zombie in the pool. Be careful out there.

This One Just Makes Us Smile

in a minute

This one just makes us smile. It is not the funniest or the cleverest, but we like it. For just a second, it sounds like you are talking about some quirky small New England fishing village, and then it hits you, and you have to crack a smile. Making fun of impatience people is always a good time, and we hope everyone passing by has the time to sound it out. Though something tells us people will not even notice the hilarity before them. 

In A Meeting

Dear employers in Port Douglas, one of you have an employee (or probably a CEO) lying to you all when he says he’s “In a Meeting.” We tried this on a former boss once, and it did not go well. You can’t really have a company meeting without the boss included, so it did not make sense. We did not think that one through. However, if we said we were on a boat and welcomed him, he may have been more forgiving. 

Seas The Day

Seas The Day” is the American maritime version of Carpe Diem. Of course, because we love boat puns, the word “cease” was replaced with “seas.” By now, everyone should get that brand of humor. We think it is a hilarious boat title that everyone can all get behind, no? We believe most of us would prefer being on the seas all day rather than being stuck at work, so if anyone ever gets the chance to go sailing or fishing, definitely “Seas The Day.” Okay, we will let ourselves out again.  

Mental Jail

Mental jail seems like a bit dramatic for someone who is thoroughly enjoying the open waters. If we went to jail, we would hope the judge would send us this one. We would spend our time fishing all day. In all honestly, maybe what the owner means by “mental jail” is perhaps the regret of the expense it took to buy and maintain a vessel. We would probably name it “mental jail” if we had that burden too. However, we would still try to have some fun.

This Is How You Keep The Ladies Away

stinky fingers, funny boat names

This is how someone keeps the ladies away. Does your boat just attract too many women? Well, here is the solution for you. Name your boat “Ol’ Stinky Fingers,” and we can pretty much guarantee that people will leave you alone. On the flip side, if anyone does give you attention, you might want to get out of there. As for how someone’s fingers get stinky on a boat, we believe it comes from handling all the fish from a big haul. 

Well, Did You?


“Dijabringabeeralong,” well, did you? No one likes a mooch, which is doubly true when beer is involved. This name is absolutely brilliant. It is not just that it is funny. It also establishes a standing house (boat?) rule that this boat is BYOB. Bring your own, or go without. If anyone is still having trouble reading the ship, say it aloud. It sounds like, “Did you bring a beer along.” From far away, other boaters might think it is something fancy, but we know what is up. 

Not Such a Good Name Anymore

no worries

Not such a good name anymore. This was probably a great boat name at one time. Classic and descriptive. Of course, now, it’s just wonderfully ironic. And it’s just great luck that the part with the name was the last section to go down. Though, of course, we hope everyone on the boat is okay. Still, we imagine everyone on it had to be a little worried when the water started to rise. Maybe people should stop naming their boat certain things because they always seem to be hit with ironic twists of fate. 

Funny, or Brilliant?

uh oh

Funny or brilliant? It is definitely good for a laugh, but also, what an intelligent name. You know to call for help if you can read it, right? Kudos to the boat owner. They have combined humor and practicality. Technically, anyone can flip a decal, but we don’t believe it will have the same effect. With an upside-down “Uh-oh!” everyone will think the owner messed up, or they themselves screwed up. Also, the white font really pops out on this dark red and white vessel. 

“Sorry, He’s In The Field Office Today”

field office

“Sorry, he’s in the field office today.” Just tell your secretary or your family that you’ll be spending the day working in the field. You won’t be lying; it’s 100% true. But you also won’t have to go into the office or use a vacation day. It’s a perfect solution. But seriously, with more and more people working remotely, we wonder how many of them are doing computer work from a boat. There is definitely someone typing code and fishing simultaneously right now.  

What About The Children?

favorite mistake

What About The Children? We get it. You love your boat. It is a great boat. You enjoy countless hours of fun on the water in your boat. But what about your kids? Your family? Oh, wait, maybe you don’t think of them as mistakes…huh. As for the boat, we see how it definitely fits the bill. We could visualize individuals loving sailing and fishing but also getting frustrated with costs and maintenance. Hence the “favorite mistake.” Selling is always an option, but you cannot get rid of your favorite.   

An Oldy, But A Goody

sotally tober

An oldie, but a goody. Okay, it is an obvious joke, and it is a classic dad joke. We have all heard it. We have all told it. But people consider it a classic for a reason: it does not get old. And putting the words on your boat like this is such a strong dad move. Also, if this is not a joke and someone actually got incorrect spelling decals to put on their vessel, next time, they may want to throw the name in spellcheck just in case. 

If You Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry

empty pockets

People say that the two greatest days of every boat owner’s life are the day he purchases his vessel and the day he sells it. Boats can be a real money pit, and if owners cannot laugh about it, they might just cry. We will not say all boat owners have empty pockets, but there are undoubtedly many of them. It might be best to get some finances sorted through before committing because people will not leave this hobby in the green. 

In a Few Years, No One Is Going To Understand This

harambe mcboatface

In a few years, no one is going to understand this. Harambe references the famous gorilla that became a meme and internet joke for months. If anyone does not know the story, we suggest looking it up later. We are here to laugh. As for McBoatface, it comes from a public selection of research vessel names, and the most popular vote was “Boaty McBoatface.” So, Harambe McBoatface” made for a pretty funny name for a boat at the time. It might be dated now, but we still chuckled. 

I’m Sorry, He’s In A Meeting

in a meeting

Dear employers in Port Douglas, one of you have an employee (or probably a CEO) lying to you all when he says he’s “In a Meeting.” We tried this on a former boss once, and it did not go well. You can’t really have a company meeting without the boss included, so it did not make sense. We did not think that one through. However, if we said we were on a boat and welcomed him, he may have been more forgiving. 

Tempting Fate Is Always A Bad Idea

titanic 2

Tempting fate is always a bad idea. Come on, man, you named your boat “Titanic II.” Something like this was bound to happen. We are sure the name started out really funny, but at this point, we are laughing at them, not with them. Out of all the titles, they picked this one. It is almost asking if they wanted their boat destroyed. When the pickup crew digs this out of the water and reads the name, we are sure they will get a huge chuckle. 

You Probably Need Some Fuel, Too

just add wind

You probably need some fuel too. Calling your boat “Just Add Wind” seems like an excellent way to guarantee that you will find yourself out at sea with no wind at all. Just to be safe, make sure you have got some fuel for the motor or if it is electric, make sure the engine is charged. We would not want anyone out there to paddle miles back to shore. For cruising purposes, along with wind, bringing a sail will be beneficial. It would not be much of a sailboat without one.  

The Best Way To Survive A Pandemic

social distancing

Maybe a boat is the best way to survive a global event. You have to stay 6 feet apart from other people at all times. We are still confused about where that number came from, so using that logic, it seems like a boat is probably the most significant, most reliable way to avoid other people. Put the words “social distancing” on the ship, and you are also making your priorities clear. Also, while sitting alone, slap a mask or two on just in case. 

No Way She Was Happy About This

her ring

There is no way she was happy about this. We do not know many- okay, ANY women who would be satisfied with an engagement boat instead of a ring. But we have been wrong before, so if she liked it, well, all we can say is she’s probably a keeper. Honestly, we would be alright if all the funds from a wedding ceremony went to a boat. Why would anyone want to dress in a suit, tie, and wedding dress when they could be wearing captain hats and swimsuits?   

Life is Good…Until The Tide Goes Out

life is good

Life is good until the tide goes out. Maybe they will change the name to “Life WAS Good.” It seems picking a boat name that tempts fate is probably a really bad idea. We imagine they will either have to push the boat back in the water or wait until the tide comes back in. Either way, they will be stranded for a minute. We would not call that “good.” The irony seems to get the best of these sorts of titles.

It’s Literally  A Clever Name

clever name

It is literally a clever name. This is right up there with “Who Cares” and “Whatever II.” The brilliance lies in its lack of effort, in the sheer audacity of actually naming the boat something so brazenly stupid. Bravo, boat owners. Bravo. We thought the name was quite “clever.” Seriously, if we had the opportunity to name a boat, we see ourselves doing something like this. We just don’t think we are that clever and overthink it. Guess it goes to show. Sometimes simple titles are the funniest.  

It’s Not As Bad As You Think

kids inheritance

It is not as bad as you think. Sure, all the inheritance money is tied up in a boat. But on the bright side, the kids do get the boat. That is a pretty great inheritance. If they don’t like the ship, they can always sell it to recoup their loss. At this point, with the way money keeps devaluing and the rise in the price of used items, maybe a boat is not the worst investment. Also, what’s a little money compared to a good time on the lake?

Yep. That’s True

why they hate us

Yep. That is true. Whether it is just the fact that you own such a nice boat, or the fact that you named it “Why They Hate Us,” this is an accurate description. It is, indeed, why they hate you. People think boats are awesome, but they also do not like it when you rub it in their face. Instead of getting your friends to hate you, how about you take them out for nice time on the water. Then you can change the name to “Why They Love Us”.

At Least It Was On a Boat

We have all been through forced family fun. But for most of us, it took the form of awful board games or road trips. Forced family fun on a boat might actually be a good time. Grab a couple of fishing rods, bait, and drinks and make the most out of the situation. Maybe you’ll come to like the activity. As long as it does not sink, we think boats make everything better. We would not mind suffering through some family time right now if it meant we got to go on one. Too many fish left uncaught.

Will She, Though?

she'll get over it

She’ll get over it. Will she, though? If you have a wife or girlfriend, you should probably talk to them before buying a boat. And if you buy a boat she does not want you to get, it is perhaps not the greatest idea to name it “She’ll Get Over It.” We don’t think she will. But in either case, Godspeed boat owner. Maybe you will have to take her out on the water to convince her. We are rooting for you, and if it is a consolation, we think you made the right decision. 

But YOU Got The Boat

She got the house, but more importantly, you got the boat. So what if there’s no bed? Who picks a house over a boat anyway? Not this guy that is for sure. Of course, we have not seen the house, but he probably got the better end of that deal. Or, at least, that is what this person is telling himself. On the plus side, it seems this fellow has made his boat a pretty lucrative business. It’s always an option to capitalize on a bad situation to turn things around.   

Who’s Signing, and For What?

sign here

Who is signing, and for what? Admittedly, this one leaves us with some questions. Why are they signing? Did someone just forget to name the boat? We may never know. It seems like this boat ride will throw you into a bunch of legal trouble. However, that is not to say your adventure will not be much fun. Just have the crew present a document or contract before throwing around your John Hancock everywhere. You will want to stay protected. 

A Perfect Fit – Funny Boat Names

douchebag boat

How many times have we all wanted to go and paint this on someone else’s boat? Or car? Or house? Sometimes it just has to be done, and we can’t help but enjoy it. Even if the boaters are in on the joke, it is excellent. If anyone saw someone riding this boat, they would know what was up and have a good laugh. We love how these guys have a sense of humor and are having a great time on the water. We wish we could be on there.

What Do YOU Think It Means?

bottom chaser

What do you think it means? Of course, there is an obvious double entendre in “bottom chaser,” but seriously, is the implication that the boat sinks a lot or that the owners want it to sink? Or that they think sinking is funny? Who knows, but it is incredibly fun to speculate. Anyway, we laughed when we read this, and we imagine others do too. We bet this is the most popular boat on the lake with a name like that.

Goin’ Broke

going broke

With a boat like that, you probably are “Goin’ Broke.” What a great vessel. It’s big, and it’s fast, it’s got all the bells and whistles. We also think it has to be crazy expensive to own and operate, so we do nvot hae any trouble believing that the name is accurate. As we probably have mentioned, boat maintenance and fees are expensive. For people that own one, it is a commitment. But everyone should not try to overdo it because they might find themselves living on their boat if they are not financially careful. 

Running Out of Room, Aren’t We?

lots of names

This guy has got space for just a handful of new names before he has to marry the girl or buy a new boat. Marriage might be cheaper, but we have never known a serious boater to ignore an excuse to buy a new ship. So, maybe he will ditch this vessel and pick up a new one when he runs out of space. He should probably be used to it at this point. Also just wanted to point out he has not crossed out two names yet; we are curious about the reason.

What Did They Name Their Other Ship?

titan uranus

If the ship were just named Titan, it would not be noteworthy. If it were just called Uranus, well, it would be kind of funny. But these folks just named their ship after random astronomic bodies without realizing they made a joke. We really hope this was not intentional because that makes the humor so much better. If people passed by, they’d laugh, and the crew would just be left confused. We’d tell them, but what be the fun in that?

So they’re dead, right?

wouldn't it be funny if we died?

So they are dead, right? “Titanic II” sank. “No Worries,” Sank. “Life is Good” got stuck at low tide. We are pretty sure these folks were probably never seen again. The only real question is how many trips they made on the boat before disaster struck. Like we said before, do not press your luck or tempt the fates. It never ends well. As for whether it is funny if they passed away or not, I guess it would depend on how. If there were a lot of slapstick involved, we’d probably laugh, but we would not feel good about it.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Okay, we have another pun. The name is the “Rodfather” instead of “The Godfather.” We got to say they missed an opportunity to take the marionette logo from the movie’s marketing and switch it out with a fishing line and a rod. Still, with a boat like this, all the other fishing vessels will know the true don of FT. Lauderdale, FL. We only associate with ships like this if we have certain favors or they give us particular offers. At least we know we won’t be swimming with fishes because the “Rodfather” likely caught them all.

This Boat Is Up For Sail

We guess this boat is “Knot for sail.” However, it is definitely “For Sale.” We would say there was an irony there, but none of the two slogans really contradict each other. The boat is wholly motorized, so it definitely cannot sail, and “knot” just means nautical miles. If you are willing not to take the pun literally, yeah, there is some humor that the owners are putting the vessel on the market despite the name. Obviously, the camera guy thought it was funny and grabbed a picture; well done.

Salty Test Tackles

Obviously, this boat’s name falls into the innuendo category of “Schweddy Balls” and “Chocolate Salty Balls.” But hey, we cannot blame anyone for being a fan of decent SNL skits and South Park. Also, we see more boat puns make the name slightly humorous. If anyone does not get it yet, read it aloud. However, do not yell it in public. People will think you are a weirdo. Anyway, this is one of the funniest titles on the list, and we’d love to see the reactions of people who read it.

Say My Name

“Breaking Bass” is obviously a play on the title of the TV show “Breaking Bad.” They even have the same lettering on the font. When we hear the boat’s name, we picture Walter White as a fish with a goatee. There is nothing weird about that. Anyway, if we saw fish that dangerous, we would stay out of its territory and hope it was not the one who knocked at the door. We are sure fans of the show will get a kick out of this boat, and for all those who have not seen “Breaking Bad” yet, seriously check it out.

Scuba-Dubin-Doo II, Where Are You?

“Scuba-Dubin-Doo II” is an exciting title. It is clearly supposed to sound like “scuba diving” and pay homage to the cartoon Scooby Doo’s catchphrase “Scooby-Dooby-Doo.” We are still curious how Hannah Barbera came up with many unique slogans and mottos. One of our favorites will always be “Yabba Dabba Doo” from the “Flintstones.” Hey, wait! There might be a formula after all. As far as the boat goes, we would be curious to know whatever happened to the “Scuba-Dubin-Doo I.”

Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

Stop, just stop. The boat name “Wasted Seaman” talks about lazy sailors who are not living up to their full potential. Any other interpretation is wrong and baseless. We cannot stress this enough. Sometimes being a part of the crew is complex and challenging. We imagine not having seamen to help keep things running up to code will lead to the vessel’s failure, and… you all are still making jokes. Despite the article’s name, we are serious about having and maintaining a good crew if anyone plans on buying a boat. 


We Rarely Wood

This joke only really works if these boats are right next to each other. If separated, the readers would have no context for humor. “Wood Too” and “Wood Not” refers to “Would Too” and “Would Not.” Instead of using the verb, the owners used the noun” wood,” which is the fibrous material that makes up trees and branches. Since the boats are wooden, that makes the titles pretty funny. So we’d have to agree with “Wood Too.” If these fell under “Wood Not,” they’d be entirely different boats.