Secret Room in the Basement Leads The Internet To Freak Out

Secret rooms in houses have existed, well…since secrets and houses. This is the story of an English man who discovered a spooky reality living underneath his new apartment.


It is a rainy day in London, England and Daniel Carley is so excited. He signed his new apartment lease today and he got a great deal! He had been looking for a place for months and this one was the perfect spot. It had all the amenities a single guy could ask for. Daniel was so excited to invite that cute girl from the coffee shop over. First things first though, he had to get his place looking good.

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kitchen and the living room

Daniel Really liked a lot about this new place. Even though it was in an older building, there were certain aspects of it that were exactly what he was looking for. The kitchen and the living room had high ceilings and had plenty of space for him to decorate to his liking. He knew it would take him a while to get this place ready for his crush over at the coffee shop.

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At this point, Daniel continued to explore his new living space. As he became familiar with his surroundings, he made it a point to set up the rooms with the various gadgets that he loved using when there was free time. As he surveyed the various spaces, he realized that he was extremely fortunate to get such a rocking place. He was really looking forward to having company over so they could see his new apartment. It was definitely a space that would impress others.

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master bedroom

When he got to one of the bedrooms, he noticed that things seemed to be in the appropriate place. I mean, he understood that he needed to take the stairs down to the master bedroom but he did not realize what he would be running into. While in the bedroom, he did notice lots of the standard things that you would find in such a room: a bed, a dresser, and even a mirror.

NEXT: He continued to think, “Man, I’m so lucky to get this place!”. Oh, how naive.


He did notice that the bed was quite large and took up a lot of space in the room. That was not necessarily a bad thing as he loves his sleep. As he moved about the room, he really considered just taking a nap as he was exhausted from the amount of hours he had been putting in the office recently. However, he decided to keep putting this home together as he knew work was about to get crazy.

NEXT: His only approach was to do it one at a time.

the shower

He could feel himself wanting to nod off so he knew he had to do something different at this point. To assist with him staying awake, he decided it would be best for him to take a shower. This would help him wake up and keep him going strong for the rest of the day. He started to walk over to the shower near the living room and was really looking forward to cleaning himself up a little bit. He wanted to look his best tonight.

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compartment on the floor

As he walked toward the bathroom, he noticed a compartment on the floor. This was odd, he thought. He stared at the compartment and thought, “what is that?“. As he got closer to the compartment on the floor he couldn’t help but think that there was something shady about this area. He never noticed this little door during the walk-through. It was definitely not mentioned in the lease or listing.

NEXT: The handle looked recently used.

odd looking latch

As he arrived at the little compartment door, he noticed it had an odd looking latch. He stared at it for a minute and wondered what he would find behind this door. In his experience, he had learned that looking into other peoples spaces was usually not a good idea. Unfortunately, Daniel had always been a curious person and proceeded to reach for the latch.

NEXT: There was no going back now.

The compartment door

As he grabbed the latch, he couldn’t help but feel a little eerie about the whole situation. Daniel felt currently guilty in looking into another person’s space but at the same time he thought, “this is where I live now and I should know everything that is in here just in case I need it for some reason.“ As he pulled on the latch, The compartment door made a screeching sound that would have made anybody nervous.

NEXT: It looks normal at first.

hodgepodge of supplies

Once he opened the latch door fully, he could now see all that was under the door. It was a hodgepodge of supplies that included the toolbox, a can of paint, a sledgehammer, a tarp and other things that can be used around the house. Ashe looked a little closer though, do you notice that there were stairs that took you downstairs. At this point Daniel‘s heart began to race.

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Daniels' mind

All sorts of thoughts ran through Daniels’ mind, which included things like, “no way I’m going down there!“ However, the more he stared at the space the more he realized he had to investigate what was down there. How could he bring over his crush at the coffee place if he didn’t even know everything that was in this place to begin with.

NEXT: Sure, it was easier to ignore it but Daniel’s curiosity always got the best of him.

Daniel being the curious person

So Daniel being the curious person he seats has decided to go for it. Many things ran through his mind but he reminded himself that it was just probably the basement that went with the apartment. He thought that he would just run down there and take a quick look. At that point, he would be ready to run upstairs and take a shower and get ready to go visit his lady friend.

NEXT: Things start to get weird.

walking down the stairs

As he began walking down the stairs, he could not help but notice that at the end of the stairway there was a hole in the wall. This was extremely odd as the wall was made of bricks but there were two by fours laying next to the open door. At this point, it wasn’t just his heart racing but his mind was trying to keep up.

NEXT: “What is behind that open the wall?, he thought.

long hallway

As he approached the opening, his mind was flooded with everything that could possibly be back there. He crutched down and managed to squeeze his way through the opening. What he saw on the other end was a long hallway that led to who knows where. He stood there and stared at the hallway for a few minutes and then managed to muster up the courage to walk down there to see what he would find.

NEXT: He has to keep going…

slowly down the hallway

Has he moved his way over slowly down the hallway, he kept telling himself that everything would be fine. Although he had full confidence that he could fend for himself no matter the situation, he didn’t understand why this was here. He thought, “why did the listing agent not mention this?“. Just when he thought he had seen it all there was another hole at the end of that hallway.

NEXT: This whole was surrounded by broken bricks that lay at the floor near the opening. And something else…

halfway in

As he tried to get into the small opening, he realized this was more difficult to do than the last opening. He really had to squeeze his way through this time to get to the other side. As he was halfway in, he realized he would have to put his hands on the floor to pull himself all the way through. Not the ideal way he envisioned it going, but he was in.

NEXT: He saw more that he needed to explore.

wooden planks

As he started to look around, this looked differently than the other spaces he had been in. He looked up and couldn’t help to notice that the brakes had fallen and the wooden planks were destroyed. He thought to himself, “what is happening here?.

NEXT: It was at this point that he felt his fight or flight instincts kicking in.

rusty old water pipe

As he turned to the left, he noticed that there was another hole in the wall with a pipe the lead into the room. It wasn’t just any pipe, it ran along the ceiling and it looked like a rusty old water pipe. The more he thought he understood, the less he realized he had no clue.

NEXT: He had come this far so at this point he just had to continue along.

pretty adept

He crawled in through the door somewhat easily as he had become pretty adept at doing so from the previous openings. Once he walked in, he realized it was a somewhat open space. He did see some writing over on the wall but it made no sense. He wondered aloud, “CCFC an OK? What does that mean?“.

NEXT: He was about to find out.

holding layer

As he continued to look around, he started to think that this was some type of holding layer. It was quite a big room Yep could not figure out when it was last used. He couldn’t stop thinking about the message too. He continued thinking aloud, “Who was the message intended for?”.

NEXT: And that’s when he saw it.


As he continued to assess the area, he felt the hair on the back of his neck start to stand as he saw something he couldn’t truly understand. He gasped and said, “Is that a bed that was made out of brick?”. This now had gone beyond it being weird! Daniel was having a difficult time focusing and he kept thinking, “what was the space used for?“.

NEXT: Nothing was making sense at this point.

pile of bricks set aside

As he looked across the room, he noticed there was a corner that had a pile of bricks set aside. None of this was making sense as he thought, “why would four single bricks be laying around?”. He looked a little closer and then he thought, “is there something under those bricks?”. He walked over to the bricks and started moving them out of the way to take a closer look.

NEXT: The remains…

objects partially exposed

Up to this point, he truly thought that he could no longer be surprised. Boy, was he wrong. After removing the four bricks, he noticed the tiles underneath were missing. He could see dirt that had some objects partially exposed. His heart raced as he screamed, “what the hell is that?”. He looked a little closer and still could not make out what it was.

NEXT: As of this point, he decided it would be best to reach out to his buddy to help out.

turned around

Daniel turned around and started to make his way back to where he came from. He was still somewhat lost by how to do so but managed to get his way through the various openings to ultimately get back to the stairs. The amount of relief that he felt at this moment could not be overstated and he was really looking forward to getting his Dave, his buddy, to come over to help him make sense of all of this.

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underground compartment.

Daniel ran out of the house and called Dave immediately. He gave Dave a step-by-step account of everything that had just occurred. He said, “Dave, you need to get over here right now and help me figure this out!“. Dave arrived in 30 minutes and exactly as expected, Dave showed up dressed for the occasion. He had his favorite skeleton mask on from Halloween and was excited to see the secret underground compartment.

NEXT: The story…

Over dinner with Teresa

Over dinner, They’ve told Daniel about his cousin Teresa’s home. Dave shared that he and Teresa had spent the night with one of his aunt’s good friends. This lady had a huge house out in the woods and adults barely paid attention to him and Teresa. Dave and his cousin loved to play hide and go seek in the process they too, found an underground room. He still remembers that experience until this day.


As he recalled, the home was luxurious and had many rooms throughout the house. Dave and Teresa wandered their way into one of the empty bedrooms and they started snooping around in search of some toys. At that point, Teresa said, “Hey Dave, look over there”. Dave said he can still remember looking over and seeing a door on the floor for some reason. At that point, Teresa said, “let’s open it!”.

some stairs that go somewhere

As they approached the opening, Dave could feel his heart start to race. Teresa arrived at the opening first and said, “There are some stairs that go somewhere“. Dave then said, “We shouldn’t be here. Let’s go back and get out of here”. Teresa then challenge his manhood, even though he was still seven years old, by saying “Don’t be a wimp!”. So he took a big breath of air and said, “I am no wimp. Let’s go see what’s down there”.

Secret passage

When they got down to the bottom of the stairs, there was nothing that could prepare them for what they saw. There was a long dark hallway that led to an unknown place. At this point, Dave was definitely scared but he had to keep a brave face as he did not want to disappoint his cousin, Teresa. He turned to look at Teresa and he noticed that she seemed spooked as well.


As they proceeded to walk down the Hallway, their vision started to adjust. It was now becoming more clear that this might not have been the best idea. As they arrived at the end of the hallway, they noticed a room in shambles. There was a wooden chair that had been destroyed over toward the corner. They both were now starting to freak out.

what the hell is this place

As they looked around the room, it was evident that this place was bad news. Aside from the broken chair over by the corner, they noticed what looked to be like empty drum containers and some type of liquid on the floor. The shelving that used to be up on the wall had fallen apart and was just dangling. The silence was Erie and then Teresa said, “what the hell is this place?“. Dave then said, “I don’t know but what I do know is that I don’t like being here“.


As they turned around to walk back that same hallway, they now noticed another set of stairs. They must have missed these while their eyesight had not adjusted to the darkness. These were not the same set of stairs that they had come down. At that point, Dave and Teresa looked at each other and the fear was palpable in both of them. Teresa said, “should we go check that out?“.


Everything within Dave’s cell structure was screaming no way! But for some reason his mouth said, “Ok, I’ll go first”. Immediately after saying this, he was dumbfounded at his response but realized he had committed. He started to walk over to the stairs and Teresa walked right behind him. As they arrived at the bottom of the stairs they looked up and realized, this could still get spookier! At this point, Dave came to his senses and said, “Let’s just go back the other stairs!“.

turned and ran immediately

As Dave suggested for them to leave, they then heard a loud crash. Dave turned and ran immediately the opposite way and Teresa followed closely. They ran as fast as they could down the hallway screaming and yelling, terrified of what may be with them. They ran for less than a minute but it felt like they had been running for miles and hours at a time. They have never been so scared in their life!

Funny Kids Are Hugging

After running for what seemed forever, they made their way back up the stairs and back into the actual home. They were so winded from their efforts and when they made their way back into the kitchen, just dropped to the floor and wept. At this point they’ve turned to Teresa and they just hugged and said that they would never go anywhere near that place again. All these years later, that moment has never gone away for Dave and now his buddy, Daniel was living a crazy experience as well.