Plane Forced to Land After Wife Discovers Husband’s Infidelity Midflight


You’ve heard the stories of unusual and erratic behavior of passengers gone crazy while flying the friendly skies that led to the emergency landing of flights all around the world, but have you heard this Qatar Airways emergency landing story?  You may even have some crazy stories of encounters with other passengers yourself.  But you’ve never heard a story quite like this one before…

Qatar Airways emergency landing

You Are Now Prepared For Takeoff

A Qatar Airways plane was forced to land midflight after a woman went crazy, busting her husband cheating!  Just how did she bust him out for cheating while midflight, you may ask?  Was the other woman aboard the flight?  Did another passenger tip her off with information?  You won’t believe what she did to find out about her husband’s sordid affair…

A Nice Relaxing Vacation

What started out as a fun and relaxing getaway to Bali for the family of three soon turned into an in-flight nightmare.  No fun in the sun or peaceful family holiday was to be had.  How did the woman uncover the proof of her husband cheating while midflight on the 14-hour plane ride from Doha to Bali?  Wait ‘til you find out how she did it…

All Too Common

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a crazy passenger has caused a plane to make an emergency landing.  Over the years, passengers have exhibited behavior ranging from absolutely weird and downright bizarre to the irate and unhinged, making for an uncomfortable flying experience for their fellow passengers that usually ends up in detainment or arrest.

When “Mask Up” Goes To A New Level

Over the years, plane passengers have engaged in bizarre and unusual behavior on flights, causing planes to divert and make emergency landings.  Causing a scene while in midflight is no joke, and the consequences are serious.  Many passengers have found themselves permanently banned from airlines due to their unruly behavior, or worse…

She Wasn’t Arrested, But This Guy Was

In many cases over the years, this led to the arrest of the crazy passenger of interest with the airline pressing charges against the individual.  Why airline passengers take their behavior to the extremes that they do, we’ll never know!  But it’s made for some interesting fodder, to say the least.  Before we divulge how the woman figured out her husband was cheating, here’s a recap of some of the most insane-and at times, funny-stories of crazy airline passengers and the things they did while in midflight.

Here’s One Example of a Dolt

Once, a Southwest flight made an emergency landing over an uninvited game of “footsie,” of all things.  You never know who you’re going to get stuck sitting next to on an airplane, and one common complaint among airline passengers is getting stuck sitting next to a person who doesn’t respect personal boundaries of other passengers!  But this guy took his game of footsie a little too far…


The 29-year-old man insisted on inching closer toward his unsuspecting seatmate, caressing her leg with his foot, making the woman extremely uncomfortable.  The woman knew she had to enlist the help of the flight crew to get her away from the creepy man.  Otherwise, she was going to be stuck with his unwanted game of footsie for the rest of the duration of the flight!  So, she got the attention of a crew member…

Seat Change

A flight attendant swooped in to save the day, allowing the woman to vacate her seat next to the creepy man and claim a new seat, where she could enjoy her flight in peace.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the insufferable man’s erratic behavior, and he took the woman’s move as a sign the competition had just begun…

Just Stop Being Weird

The woman was enjoying her space and peace of mind in her new seat.  But no sooner did the woman switch seats, feeling relieved to get away from the perverted man, when to her horror, the man made his next move on the poor woman.  It was as if she just couldn’t escape him and his creepy game of footsie!  The man did not take the rejection well, so he made a bold move…


The man followed the woman to her new seat!   Mortified, the woman had had enough.  All she wanted was peace and privacy on her flight to Dallas, Texas.  She flagged the flight crew down again, hoping for some additional assistance to get the man away from her and back to his assigned seat.  But then, the man took the situation one step too far…

We need to tell you this guys story before we dive into the woman who found her husband was cheating…

Double or Nothing

Relentless, the man started to verbally harass both the woman and the flight attendant!  At this point, the flight crew had had enough of the man’s shenanigans and knew it was time to get him off the plane for the sake of the other passengers and flight crew.  So, you’re probably wondering how the captain finally ejected the man from the plane…

Landed The Whole Plane

The pilot of the Southwest flight was forced to divert and make an emergency landing in Albuquerque for the sake of the woman, the other passengers, and the rest of the crew on the flight.  They couldn’t get rid of the man fast enough.  He wouldn’t let up on harassing the woman and the helpful flight attendant, so they made the unplanned descent into Albuquerque…

Follow The Rules, Or Get Arrested

This man was unruly and insufferable!  He caused great distress to the passengers of the flight as well as the flight crew.  He did not take kindly the unsuspecting woman’s rejection of his footsie advances and his temper skyrocketed with each attempt made to send him back to his seat.

Thank Goodness

Once the man was removed and detained, the flight continued on peacefully to its final destination of Dallas, Texas.  The woman was once again at peace, no longer disturbed by the man and his game of footsie.  All was well.  Except for where the man was concerned…


The man went on to face charges of simple assault and interfering and intimidating members of a flight crew and flight attendants while on an aircraft.

It Gets Better

But if you thought the story of the man playing footsie was crazy, wait ‘til you hear this next one…

He Who Smelt It Dealt It

A Transavia flight from Dubai to the Netherlands was diverted and forced to make an emergency landing after a flight broke out because a man’s…flatulence problem?!


Cuttin’ The Cheese

Yes, it’s true-a man wouldn’t stop passing gas, which led to a fight breaking out after two passengers on the flight had asked the man to stop, only to be met by the man’s rebuttal (pun intended)…

These stories pale in comparison to when you find out how the woman knew her husband was cheating!

It’s Getting Worse

…and he continued on with his perpetual flatulence, to the mortification of the other passengers.

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

The unruly situation led to the plane making an emergency landing and removing four people from the flight, who are now banned from the airline.  All because a man refused to control his flatulence until the plane had landed at its final destination.

The Meat and Potatoes

But just when you thought airplane passengers couldn’t get any crazier comes the woman who busted her man cheating midflight on Qatar Airways flight QR-962.  How did she bust him while flying the friendly skies?  After all, it was just her family of three on the flight.  The other woman couldn’t be on the flight too, could she?

14 Hour Flight To Bali

No, the other woman was nowhere to be seen on the flight.  And you won’t believe how the wife uncovered the juicy details of the sordid affair during the 14-hour flight out of Doha to Bali…

Doha is the Capitol of Qatar

The couple and their child boarded the plane in Doha, which ascended into the skies on its way to Bali.  The family of three was setting out for a relaxing family holiday in Bali.  Fun in the sun and relaxing on the beach awaited.  Except, the family never made it to their destination…

Just Trying To Catch Some Shuteye

The exciting and leisurely vacation didn’t pan out the way the family hoped…midflight, the woman’s husband dozed off into a deep slumber, and she let curiosity get the better of her…

An Idea Formed In Her Head

As the husband fell asleep midflight, the woman decided to put the  scheming idea brewing in her brain to the test.  She suspected her husband had been unfaithful to her, and she was bound and determined to find out, once and for all.  You won’t believe what she did next…

How To Get In…

The woman knew in order to find the truth regarding her suspicions, she needed to figure out a way to unlock her husband’s phone.  His phone was the only way to truly know if he was being unfaithful to her.  If she could just get her hands on his text messages and phone logs, she’d have her answer.  But how was she going to break into his phone?

Qatar Airways emergency landing

Passcode Protected…


Was there a passcode she could decipher?  Facial recognition she could manipulate?  A thumbprint encryption she  could hack into or bypass altogether?  How was she going to break into her husband’s phone to obtain the information she needed?!  The answer will shock you…

Qatar Airways emergency landing

Her Plan Was Genius

The woman figured out a way to access the contents of her husband’s phone, but you won’t believe how she was able to do it…and without him having any idea of what she was doing!

Qatar Airways emergency landing

This is the Title of the Slide 29

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Her husband, sleeping peacefully unawares, had no idea of the woman’s suspicions and devious plans, or of the chaos that was about to ensue…

In fact, he was a little too asleep for his own good. This Qatar Airways emergency landing story is wild!

Qatar Airways emergency landing

Your Biological John Hancock

Using her sleeping husband’s thumb, the woman connected his thumbprint to the touch screen of his smartphone, hopeful it was enough to unlock the device and access the information she was needing to bust her husband cheating.  And just when it seemed she’d given up all hope, the unbelievable happened…

Qatar Airways emergency landing


The woman successfully unlocked her husband’s smartphone with his thumbprint!  The husband, still dozed off, had no idea what she’d just done.  Now, she had access to all the contents of his phone, text and call logs and all.  But what she found next sent her over the edge…

Qatar Airways emergency landing

The Proof

After scrounging through her husband’s phone, the woman found the dirty proof of her husband’s affair that she’d suspected all along!  Her reaction to what she found is probably more shocking than the evidence she just found.

Qatar Airways emergency landing

Here Comes The Boom

The woman, outraged at the incriminating discovery on her husband’s smartphone, repeatedly hit her husband after learning of the infidelity, yelling at him and awakening him from his peaceful slumber, making the 14-hour flight miserable for the man and the other passengers…

This Qatar Airways emergency landing story is wild!

Qatar Airways emergency landing

Money Is Not An Issue

A flight from Doha to Bali is the equivalent of over $1000 American dollars for a plane ticket, and, as you can imagine, no passenger wants to shell out over $1000 dollars for a 14-hour flight on board with a deranged woman yelling at her husband and hitting him.

Qatar Airways emergency landing

It Never Stops

The cabin crew tried to calm the woman and restore order, but to no avail…she was livid! This Qatar Airways emergency landing story is wild!

Time of India

The Times of India reported the Iranian woman made “such a ruckus” that the plane had no other choice but to make an emergency landing during the grueling 14-hour flight in order to get the crazed woman and her family off the plane and allow the other passengers to enjoy the rest of their flight in peace.  So, the captain knew what he had to do to restore order to his flight…

Detour to India

The captain was forced to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India, and much to the relief of the other passengers, the family was removed from the plane immediately and detained for questioning.

This Qatar Airways emergency landing story is wild! But that wasn’t all…

Airport Jail!

They were detained in an airport detention center of all places, as they did not have an Indian visa and not allowed to move about the airport at free will.  It appeared the miserable family was stuck together in a foreign country with no way of getting back home…

It’s Over

Thankfully, the family was put on a flight to Malaysia at 10:30 pm that evening and sent on their way…but the damage was done.  There would be no luxurious trip to Bali for the family of three due to the woman’s uncovering of the truth. This Qatar Airways emergency landing story is wild!

A Tough Ending

We told you this Qatar Airways emergency landing story is wild! Qatar Airways declined to comment on the incident, intent on protecting passengers’ privacy and ready to put the debacle in the past and forget it ever happened.

From couples’ quarrels to unwanted games of footsie and flatulence, all the way to sneaky fingerprint use that caused an entire plane to divert….this was one wild ride!